How to Reset Blockchain Password,

How to Reset My Blockchain Password?

Securing your digital assets is paramount in the world of blockchain technology. However, there are times when you might forget the password or require to update the security settings.

In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to reset the Blockchain Password and manage additional security features, ensuring peace of mind while steering the crypto coins.

How do I reset the Blockchain Password?

Losing access to the Blockchain account can be stressful, but the recovery procedure is organized to be user-friendly. Here’s how you can reset the password for Blockchain:

  • Begin by visiting the official Blockchain webpage or opening the Blockchain app on the device. Locate and tap on the “Login” or “Sign In” tab initiating the login process.
  • Next, on the login page, you will get an option “Forgot Password”. Tap on this link which is usually found near the password field and is scheduled to help you reset the password.
  • Provide the email address associated with the Blockchain account. Ensure that you enter the correct Email ID as this is where the instructions to reset the password will be sent.
  • After entering the email address, check the inbox for an email from Blockchain. This email will include a link or a unique code that you will employ to reset the password. If you don’t see the email in the inbox do check the spam or junk folder.
  • Unlock the email from Blockchain and either tap on the provided reset link or type the code in the area designated on the Blockchain website or the app.
  • Once you have ascertained the identity, you will be prompted to create a fresh password for the account. Select a strong, unique password that combines letters, numbers, and symbols to enrich security. Avoid utilizing easily guessable information, such as birthdays or common phrases.
  • After setting the new password, confirm it by entering it again in the given field. Carefully look at the field to ensure there are no typos, assuring that the new password matches exactly.
  • With the new password successfully set and verified, log into the Blockchain account utilizing the updated login info. After logging in, also enable two-factor authentication for additional security. 2FA demands an additional verification step, such as a text message or authentication app, making it awfully more tricky for unauthorized users to access the account.

How to Reset Blockchain Password with Two-Factor Authentication

In case you have enabled Two-Factor Authentication or 2FA security, resetting the password implicates an additional step.

Here’s how to reset the password with 2FA:-

  • Initiate the password reset procedure by tapping on the “Forgot Password” option.
  • Enter the email address and tap the reset link sent to the email.
  • During the reset strategy, you will be prompted to enter the verification code sent to the mobile gadget.
  • After completion of verification, create a new password for the account.
  • Complete the reset process and log in with the latest password and Two Factor Authentication code.

How to Reset Second Password on Blockchain

Blockchain offers an additional layer of protection with the feature to create a second password. If you require to reset the second password, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Log in to the Blockchain account utilizing the primary password.
  • Navigate to the security settings or opt for the account settings option.
  • Search for the option related to the second password and tap on the “Reset” or “Change” option.
  • Verify the identity through email confirmation or 2FA.
  • Set your second password for the Blockchain account.


By following these steps, you can easily reset the Blockchain password and regain access to the account. Remember to keep the password secure and update it regularly to safeguard your digital assets effectively. Stay vigilant and employ additional security standards like Two-Factor Authentication to safeguard blockchain investments in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Remember, maintaining the security of the passwords and regularly updating them is important in the digital world. Following the steps will make the task easier and simpler. Also, you can ensure the safety of the Blockchain account focusing on the crypto investments with confidence.

How to Set a Stop-Loss on Coinbase,

How to Set a Stop-Loss on Coinbase?

Setting a stop loss on Coinbase is an essential risk management technique for cryptocurrency traders. It enables you to protect your investment by automatically selling the funds if the value drops below a specific point.

This article will guide you through the method of placing a stop loss on Coinbase, one of the most prevalent cryptocurrency exchanges.

How can I put a Stop Loss on Coinbase?

Here are the steps to set up a  Stop Loss on Coinbase:-

  1. Sign in to the Coinbase Account:

    To begin, log in to the Coinbase account entering the username and password. If you are a new user just create one and complete the essential identity verification steps.

  2. Move to the Trading Dashboard:

    As you log in, you will enter on the Coinbase page. From here, tap on the “Trade” or “Portfolio” tab to access the trading dashboard.

  3. Select the Cryptocurrency Pair:

    Determine the cryptocurrency pair you desire to set a stop loss for. You can do this by tapping on the cryptocurrency’s name or sign in the trading dashboard. For instance, if you wish to put a stop loss for Bitcoin, choose the BTC trading pair you prefer.

  4. Open an Order Form:

    Next, look for the “Buy” or “Sell” tab, depending on whether you expect to set a stop loss for a long or short position. Tap on it to open an order form.

  5. Set the Stop Price:

    In the order form, you will see an option to put a stop price. This is the cost at which the stop-loss order will be instigated. Enter the price at which you want to sell the cryptocurrency to limit potential losses.

  6. Select the Order Type:

    Coinbase proposes different order types. For a stop loss, you will typically utilize a “Stop” or “Stop Limit” order. A “Stop” order will enforce the market order once the stop price is achieved, while a “Stop Limit” order will execute a limit order at the stop price. Select the option as per your requirement.

  7. Set the Quantity:

    Stipulate the amount of cryptocurrency you want to sell when the stop price is attained. Check twice this amount to ensure it aligns with the risk surveillance goals.

  8. Check and Confirm:

    Before setting the order, examine all the details carefully, including the stop price, order type, and amount. Make sure everything is precise and contemplate the trading strategy.

  9. Place the Stop Loss Order:

    Once you are pleased with the order details, tap on the “Place Order” or “Confirm” tab to conduct the stop loss order. Coinbase will process the order, and it will be observable in the order history.

After placing the order, keep an eye on the market. If the stop price is caught up the order will be executed according to the parameters you set.

The above steps are also applicable for setting the stop loss in the Coinbase app.

How to set a stop loss on Coinbase Pro

  • Login to Coinbase Pro account
  • Navigate to the Trading Section
  • Pick the pair for Trading
  • Select the type of Order
  • Specify the Stop Price and set the amount
  • Check the details and tap the Confirm tab.

How to see gains and losses on Coinbase

In order to check for profit and loss on Coinbase there are a few steps to be followed:-

  • Open the Coinbase app on a mobile device or visit the Coinbase website. Log in using the credentials.
  • Once logged in, tap on the “Portfolio” tab. Here you can track the assets and view the gains and losses.
  • In the Portfolio section, you will see a list of all the cryptocurrencies you hold. Each asset will show its current value, the quantity you hold, and the total investment in that asset.
  • Coinbase equips a clear clue of the gains and losses for each asset. You can notice the percentage change in value since you bought the asset. A positive percentage implies gains, while a negative percentage indicates losses.
  • Coinbase offers options to sort and filter the holdings. You can organize them by name, value, or percentage gain or loss. This enables you to identify which assets are performing well and which ones are not.
  • To get a more detailed breakdown of the gains and losses, you can check on the transaction history. Tap on the specific asset you want to examine, and you will find a list of all the transactions related to that asset. This contains the purchase date, quantity acquired or sold, and the cost associated.
  • If you require to maintain a record for tax purposes or further analysis, Coinbase authorizes you to export the transaction history. Look for the export tab, usually in the form of a CSV file, which you can download and save for the records.
  • To stay informed about the performance of the assets in real time, consider setting up cost alerts. Coinbase authorizes you to put alerts for detailed price points, so you will be informed when an asset attains a particular value.
  • Regularly monitor the portfolio’s performance over time. Coinbase provides charts and graphs that depict how the assets have fluctuated in value since the initial investments.


Remember that crypto coins markets are highly volatile, and the value of the assets can rapidly change. Maintaining a close eye on the gains and losses on Coinbase can help you make informed decisions about your investments.

Setting a stop loss on Coinbase is an essential aptitude for cryptocurrency traders. It assists in protecting investments from significant losses in volatile markets. By following the steps outlined in this handbook, you can actually implement stop-loss orders and manage the risk while trading cryptocurrencies on Coinbase.

verify coinbase,

How to Verify A Coinbase Account?

What is the need to verify the Coinbase Account? All users must verify their identity through a multi-step process to help prevent the creation of fraudulent accounts. Here the process entails answering regulatory questions and uploading a picture of a valid ID as well as a selfie.

Reasons to verify your Coinbase Account:-

  • Registering into a new account
  • Reactivation of the account
  • In order to update the legal name or country of residence

How to verify identity on Coinbase Account

Ascertaining the Coinbase account is an important step to unlock higher limits for transactions and enhance safety. 

Follow the steps to substantiate the Coinbase account:-

  1. Creating an account:

    If you are new to a Coinbase account, begin by signing up on the web page or the mobile app. Provide valid personal data during the registration procedure.

  2. Login:

    Log in to the Coinbase account utilizing the Email ID and Password.

  3. Complete Personal Details:

    Navigate to the account settings. You will be prompted to hand over personal details like full name, birth date, and residential address. Make sure the data matches the official documents.

  4. Verify Phone Number:

    Coinbase might ask you to verify the contact number. They will mail you a verification code through SMS. Enter the code to ascertain the phone number.

  5. Upload Identification:

    To achieve higher account statuses, you will have to upload a valid ID approved by the government. This could be a passport, driver’s license, or identity card. Coinbase will tutor you through the procedure of uploading and verifying the documents.

  6. Selfie Verification:

    In some circumstances, Coinbase might inquire for a selfie to confirm the identity. You need to take a clear photo of yourself holding the ID card next to your face. Ensure that the face and the ID facts are visible.

  7. Address Verification:

    In order to validate your identity on Coinbase you need to provide proof of address. Also, provide documents like utility bills or bank statements that exhibit the name and residential address.

  8. Wait for the Confirmation:

    Coinbase’s verification process might take from a few minutes to several days, depending on the workload. So be patient and wait for them to examine the documents.

  9. Check the Account Level:

    Once ascertained, Coinbase will allocate an account level to you. This increases the buying and withdrawal limits.

  10. Two-Factor Authentication:

    To enhance account safety, you need to enable two-factor authentication utilizing an authenticator app or message. Coinbase strongly suggests this step.

  11. Bank Account Verification:

    Link the bank account for deposits and withdrawals, Coinbase instructs you to verify it. This usually implicates confirming tiny deposits made to the bank account.

  12. Coinbase Verify Identity Email Address:

    Ensure that the email address is verified. Coinbase will mail important account information and updates to the registered email address.

  13. Secure the Account:

    Set a unique password and regularly update it. Be careful of phishing endeavors and never share the login info or recovery terms.

  14. Use Coinbase Carefully:

    Now that the account is verified, you can initiate buying, selling, and trading crypto coins. Make sure to employ Coinbase’s safety features and adhere to the best methods for safe cryptocurrency surveillance.

How long does it take for Coinbase to Verify ID?

  • On submitting the government-approved documents you might receive a response within a few minutes over an email.
  • The processing time might vary depending on several factors, incorporating the magnitude of new users and the precision of the information provided during the verification process. 
  • During times of high market or improved user sign-ups, verification might take longer due to a backlog of requests. This implies it might take several days to a week or more to get ascertained during peak periods.

Once the ID is successfully substantiated, you will receive a message over email, and you will be able to access the full range of services delivered by Coinbase, including buying, selling, and trading cryptocurrencies.

Coinbase asking to Verify Identity again

If you have obtained a request from Coinbase to confirm the identity once again, it’s important to follow through promptly to maintain access to the account and continue using the services.

Coinbase may ask for re-verification for several reasons, including security criteria, changes in laws, or updates to the internal approaches.

You need to stay updated by monitoring the Email and also follow the further instructions asked by Coinbase so that you do not face problems while using the account.

Remember that Coinbase’s verification provisions and processes may evolve, so it’s important to check the official website or contact support for the most updated information regarding account verification.

how to delete coinbase account,

How to Close or Delete a Coinbase Account

How can one delete the Coinbase Account? Hope we strike the right question for you. Here on this page, we will be discussing how to close a Coinbase account permanently.

Sometimes you expect a change and want to utilize other apps for trading. In that case, you choose to delete the account, erasing the personal details you provided while building the account.

While deciding to discontinue the account you might not understand how to proceed with the procedure. Is it possible or not to close the account, such inquiries are quite ordinary for the account users.

How can I delete my Coinbase account?

Closing or Deleting a Coinbase account is a simple process, but it’s important to be thorough and observe these steps carefully. Before you proceed to close the account take a look at the following points.

Now just look at the steps discussed below to close the account of Coinbase:-

  1. Login to the Coinbase Account:

    Go to the webpage or tap on the app that is already installed on your device. Then enter the credentials to access the account.

  2. Access Account Settings:

    Next, click the Account Settings by tapping the Profile tab.

  3. Select “Close Account”:

    Within the account settings, search “Close Account” or “Deactivate Account” option and tap on it.

  4. Verify Identity:

    Coinbase may call for further verification to assure account security. This could implicate confirming the identity through 2FA, email, or any other means.

  5. Follow Instructions:

    Go through the instructions on-screen provided by Coinbase. They may inquire for an explanation for closing the account.

  6. Confirm Closure:

    After finalizing the essential steps, Coinbase will ask you to confirm the decision to close the account.

  7. Account Closure Confirmation:

    Once confirmed, Coinbase will prompt the account closure procedure. You will get a confirmation email that the account is closed.

  8. Review the Email:

    Check the email inbox for a confirmation memo from Coinbase. This email will serve as proof that the account has been closed.

Note: Coinbase may possess certain information for lawful or regulatory objectives even after you close the account.

Deleting a Coinbase Account is permanent and cannot be reversed. Once the Coinbase account is deleted, you won’t be able to access the transaction history, account info, or any assets left in the account. Make sure you have securely jotted down all essential information before closing the account.

Coinbase Closed my Account

There might be reasons that led to Coinbase Account Closure:-

  • Coinbase, like all financial institutions, has a set of rules that users must cling to. Common infringements include committing illegal activities, violating sanctions or regulatory provisions, or employing Coinbase for fraudulent intentions. Such violations can lead to the closure of the account.
  • Coinbase operates advanced security criteria to detect suspicious activity on its outlet. If the account is flagged for unusual transactions or conduct, it may be temporarily or permanently closed until the issue is investigated.
  • Coinbase is subject to different financial laws, including KYC and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) prerequisites. If you fail to provide the necessary details required for identity verification or provide false information, the account might be closed.
  • In some cases, Coinbase may close accounts due to security concerns. 
  • Users can request to close the accounts at any time. Coinbase will generally promote the closure procedure, allowing you to withdraw the remaining funds.

In case your account is closed without your knowledge you can do the following:-


If you do not want to delete the Coinbase account you can choose the Disable option. Contact customer service to disable the account. If found with pessimistic activity you can take assistance from the support team. You can afterwards reactivate the account as disabling the account is not permanent.

Remember that closing the Coinbase account is a permanent decision, and you won’t be able to reopen it or recover any assets left in the account. Ensure you have deemed this carefully before proceeding. If you ever agree to rejoin Coinbase, you will be required to create a fresh account.

how to move coins from coinbase to coinbase wallet,

How do I move Crypto Coins from Coinbase Account to Wallet?

Having issues moving out cryptos from Coinbase to the Wallet? Do you wish to learn how to overcome such an issue at the click of your fingertips? We are writing this paper to help the users to move assets from Coinbase to Coinbase Wallet backing you with this simple handbook.

How can I transfer Coins to the Wallet?

Every user while trying hard to move coins to a wallet has only one question in mind, “Can I move funds from Coinbase Wallet to Coinbase?” The response is as superficial as Learning ABC. Yes, Coinbase does allow users to transmit the coins to their wallets.

Coinbase move from Vault to Wallet

The Coinbase Vault is a characteristic within the Coinbase trade designed for long-term depository and additional security. It furnishes a time-delayed feature on withdrawal, authorizing you to set a waiting duration for withdrawals, enriching security by giving the time to cancel a transaction if necessary.

How to move assets from Coinbase to Coinbase Wallet?

Follow 9 Steps

  1. Launch the Coinbase Wallet:

    If you haven’t yet downloaded the wallet then just Install the Coinbase wallet from the app store.

  2. Click to open Coinbase Wallet:

    After installing proceed to set up the wallet.

  3. Access the Coinbase Account:

    Tap the Login tab and access to the account.

  4. Select the Asset to Transfer:

    In the Coinbase account, locate the asset you like to transfer to the Wallet. Ensure that you have sufficient assets for the transfer, evaluating any network fees.

  5. Initiate the Transfer:

    1. Click on the asset you expect to transfer.
    2. Search the Send or Withdraw tab and pick from it.
    3. A pop-up message will appear inquiring about the address of the receiver. Enter the address of the Coinbase Wallet.

  6. Discover the Coinbase Wallet Address:

    Switch back to the Coinbase Wallet and locate the specific wallet address for the asset you desire to transfer. For instance, if you are transmitting Ethereum (ETH), tap on Ethereum wallet and click on “Receive” to consider the address.

  7. Enter the Recipient Address:

    Copy the Coinbase Wallet address for the asset and paste it into the recipient address domain on the Coinbase app. Ensure the address entered is true.

  8. Set the Amount and Confirm:

    Enter the amount you hope to transfer, taking into account any network transaction fees. Assess the transaction facts and ensure everything is precise.

  9. Confirm the Transfer:

    Once you have examined all the details and you are specific they are valid, confirm the transfer. You may be required to furnish additional security verification, such as a Two Factor Authentication code.

After confirming the transfer, you will have to wait for the network to process it. Blockchain transactions can put up with some time, relying on network congestion. Now, move to the Coinbase wallet and check the balance.

How to Move Bitcoin from Coinbase to a Wallet

Here is the process of moving Bitcoin from Coinbase to a wallet.

  • Click on the Coinbase account in the first case using the web or on the app and tap the Sign in tab.
  • Next, hit on Accounts and search Bitcoin Wallet
  • Tap on the Send or Withdrawal tab and fill up the Bitcoin amount to be transferred.
  • Select the address of the receipt and paste on the field specified.
  • Check the details entered are correct and review the fees on withdrawal.
  • Secure the account with 2FA.
  • Complete the transaction.
  • Track the progress on Coinbase and analyze blockchain explorers for additional details.
  • Once the Bitcoin comes into the wallet, you have moved it successfully from Coinbase.

How to move crypto from coinbase to Cold wallet

  • Login to the account.
  • Next, assess the Pick the Transfers option and then choose the coins that you want to move to the Cold Wallet.
  • Initiate a Withdrawal by clicking the Send tab and then entering the recipient address.
  • Put the plug of the cold wallet into the computer and open the wallet. 
  • Copy the address and paste it into the Withdrawal Form.
  • Type the amount of cryptocurrency you hope to transfer. Ensure it’s within the cold wallet’s storage capacity.
  • Confirm and Authenticate the transactions. Coinbase might instruct you to enter a two-factor authentication code for extra security. 
  • Cryptocurrency transactions normally require multiple confirmations on the blockchain. 
  • Next, complete the verification method by looking at the wallet, once the transaction is confirmed, you can review the cold wallet’s balance to substantiate the transfer was successful. Here you will see the wallet balance.

There are no charges included during the transfer of funds from account to wallet. Users wish to have the fund transferred to their wallet for numerous reasons:-

  • Enhanced Security reduces the risk of breaches and hacks.
  • Layer of protection from Exchange Issues.
  • Holds cryptos for a Long Period without relying on third-party platforms.


This guide will help you to serve an educational purpose if you expect the funds to move out from the Coinbase account to the wallet without paying any fees. otherwise you have any issues contact the coinbase headquarters executive

how to withdraw money from coinbase

How to withdraw from Coinbase

Coinbase is one such trading platform where one can send and obtain Bitcoin. This platform has taken over for trading purposes and users have crossed millions to date. Besides, whether you are an institutional or retail investor, you can utilize the services.

If you wish to withdraw funds from Coinbase, you might come across some issues of not being able to cash out or Coinbase says I have 0 to withdraw. There is a certain limit to withdraw from Coinbase which you need to learn before initiating withdrawal of funds.

Do not worry if you are having one of the above types of issues. Read on to get your answers to your queries and resolve the issues.

How can I withdraw money from Coinbase?

You can readily withdraw the assets because there are 2 functional platforms i.e. via online and your mobile gadget. The platform here is for trading and brokerage is user-friendly. 

However, depending on whether you are withdrawing crypto or cash, the method might vary. So, depending on what you are withdrawing, you will be required to understand the proper procedures.

You can pick the option to send Coinbase funds from your wallet to your bank account.

How to withdraw Cash from Coinbase wallet to the Bank account

If you have invested in cryptocurrencies and wish to cash out by withdrawing the funds to the bank account, this manual will walk you through the steps to do so.

i) Log into the Coinbase Account:-

Visit the Coinbase app or click on the Coinbase website. Then enter the login credentials to access the account.

ii) Link the Bank Account;-

This step is a must as you want the funds to transfer to the bank account. 

  • Before you can cash out to the bank, you ought to link the bank account to the registered Coinbase account.
  • Click on the “Settings” or “Accounts” tab and choose “Linked Accounts” or “Payment Methods.”
  • Next, select the option “Add a payment method” and then choose “Bank Account”. 
  • Follow the instructions to input the bank account details, incorporating the account number and routing number.
  • Coinbase will make two small deposits into the bank account, which you will have to ascertain to finalize the linking operation. This confirmation can take up to a few days.

iii) Sell the Cryptocurrency:-

  • In order to withdraw cash, you are first required to sell the cryptocurrency holdings.
  • Next, navigate to the “Portfolio” or “Trade” area and choose the cryptocurrency you desire to sell.
  • Select the “Sell” tab, enter the amount you expect to sell, and click on the Confirm tab to complete the transaction.

iv) Withdraw Funds to Bank Account:-

  • Once you have traded the cryptocurrency, you can withdraw the cash to the linked bank account.
  • Click the “Accounts” section and choose the currency you have sold.
  • Select the “Withdraw” option or pick the “Transfer to bank”.
  • Pick the bank account as the destination.
  • Type the amount you hope to withdraw and verify the transaction.

v) Review and Confirm:-

  • Coinbase will show you a summary of the request made on withdrawal, comprising the amount and destination bank account.
  • Review the details carefully to ensure they are valid.
  • If everything looks accurate and proper, tap on the “Confirm” tab and initiate the withdrawal.

vi) Wait for Processing:-

  • The withdrawal procedure might take some time to finish, usually a few working days.
  • Coinbase will inform you once the withdrawal has been processed and the funds are on their way to the bank account.

vii) Check the Bank Account:-

  • Keep an eye on the bank account for the incoming deposit from Coinbase.
  • Once you notice the funds in the bank account, the withdrawal procedure is complete.

You can check the status of the withdrawal in the “Recent Transactions” category of the Coinbase account. Cryptocurrency transactions can take some moments to confirm, so be patient. Also, be sure that the funds you are withdrawing need to have a supported network for transactions to be performed. If you fail to do so, funds in Coinbase will not be recovered once lost.

What is the Coinbase Withdrawal Limit

Coinbase is the foremost cryptocurrency trading to instigate instant withdrawal through Real-Time Payments (RTP), letting US clients with associated bank accounts withdraw funds up to dollar 100,000 in a single transaction quickly and securely.

Account Verification:-

Coinbase offers various withdrawal limits depending on the account level of the verification. To increase the withdrawal limits, you will be required to complete the identity confirmation process, which commonly implicates delivering personal information and identification papers.

Daily Limits:-

Coinbase assesses daily withdrawal limits that differ based on the account level. However, these limits may have varied since then, so it’s important to review Coinbase’s official website or app for updated information.

Weekly and Monthly Limits:-

In addition to daily limits, Coinbase also puts limits on weekly and monthly withdrawals. These limits depend on the type of account and verification status. For example, higher limits are often obtainable for Coinbase Pro accounts described in relation to Coinbase accounts in general.

Bank Account and Payment Method:-

The withdrawal limits can also be impacted by the payment technique you utilize. Bank transfers normally have increased limits compared to debit or credit card withdrawals. Ensure the specific limits associated with the selected withdrawal method are comprehended by you. 

Geographical Restrictions:-

Coinbase’s withdrawal limits can differ by country or region due to regulatory relations. Check Coinbase’s service terms for the specific location to understand any limitations that may refer to you.

Increasing Limits:-

You can also increase the withdrawal limits by contacting customer support through additional individuality verification.

Security Measures:-

While withdrawal limits might seem restrictive, they are administered as a security criterion to protect the funds. In case the account is compromised, these limits can assist in mitigating potential losses.

Coinbase Withdrawal Time

Your mode of withdrawal will define the time for Coinbase Withdrawal.

  • ACH Transfers take 2 to 4 working days.
  • Wire Transfers take 1 to 2 working days.  
  • PayPal withdrawals are instant. However, please note that you are required to have a verified PayPal account linked to the Coinbase account.
  • Cryptocurrency Transfers to an external wallet usually take 10 to 30 minutes.
  • During withdrawal, the process of verification might affect the withdrawal time. Ensure the account is fully ascertained to bypass delays.
  • High demand or network congestion might increase the withdrawal time.
  • Holidays and Weekends also affect the withdrawal time because during these days institutions typically do not process transactions.

Coinbase Withdraw Fees

In order to check the withdrawal fees follow the steps below:-

  • Go to Coinbase account and log in using the account details.
  • Tap on the Wallet tab.
  • Select the cryptocurrency that you wish to cash out.
  • Tap the Send tab.
  • Now, type the address of the receiver and the amount.
  • Coinbase will show up the withdrawal fee prior to transaction confirmation. Review the fee before proceeding.

Coinbase says I have 0 to withdraw

  • Pending Transactions
  • Insufficient Funds
  • Account Security
  • Maintenance or Technical Issues
  • Account Verification

If none of the above causes apply to the situation and you still notice a $0 balance for withdrawal, it’s best to reach out to Coinbase customer support. They have a dutiful team to help users with account-related problems and can furnish personalized guidance.


Withdrawing cash from the Coinbase wallet to the bank account is a simple process, but it might not move further as per your expectation if you do not follow the correct procedure. Always double-check the account and transaction details to ensure a smooth withdrawal experience.

How to cancel Coinbase One,

How to cancel Coinbase One

Coinbase One offers a free trial period for 30 days, if the period comes to an end you will be entered into a paid subscription. Having the subscription one can get to enjoy trading for free, access to Support Help for any assistance regarding the account, and by paying $1M you can obtain account protection.

If you do not find the account suitable you can opt out by cancelling Coinbase One Account. If you desire to discontinue the previous account you can do so. Here this guide will help you to cancel the Coinbase One.

How do I cancel the subscription of Coinbase One?

If you want to just try the free trial you will have 30 days at hand and can cancel before the plan expires. In case you fail to opt out of the service you will be into a subscribed membership. Do not worry, following simple steps, one can cancel the account.

  1. Log in:

    First, go to the account page by logging in using the user ID and password.

  2. Verify your Identity:

    The account status of Coinbase will indicate account verification before moving ahead with the cancellation.

  3. Contact Support:

    Coinbase doesn’t have an option to self-cancel the account through the online platform; rather, you will be required to seek help from Coinbase’s customer support. Just click on the “Help” tab, available on the web page or on the app.

  4. Submit a Request:

    Moving to the support center, choose the “Submit a Request” option to begin the cancellation procedure. You will be required to furnish the details of the account and an explanation for the cancellation.

  5. Wait for the Response from the Rep:

    After presenting the request, you will acquire confirmation over email. Coinbase support will inspect the request, and you will obtain further instructions or clarifications on the request made.

  6. Complete the Processing:

    Follow any further instructions equipped by Coinbase support to complete the procedure of account cancellation. This may implicate confirming the proof of your identity once again or addressing any remaining balances on the account.

  7. Withdraw if any Funds:

    Before canceling the Coinbase account, ensure that you have withdrawn any remaining crypto coins or funds to an external wallet or to your bank account. Coinbase proposes options to transfer the assets to other wallets.

  8. Review:

    After the completion of the cancellation process, check that the account is indeed canceled. You will get a confirmation email from Coinbase confirming the cancellation.

How to Create a New Account at Coinbase

If you wish to have a new account, the first thing you need to do is cancel the old one and then proceed to get a new Coinbase account.

In order to cancel the account Coinbase account and create a new one, here are the steps to be followed:-

  • Ensure you have withdrawn or transferred any remaining crypto coins or funds from the existing account. You won’t be liable to transfer them to the new account.
  • Visit the official website of Coinbase and log in to the current account.
  • Next, navigate to the Coinbase Support page or check for the Help Center.
  • Search for “Contact Support” or tap on the “Submit a Request” tab whichever is available.
  • Clarify the intention to cancel the existing account. Coinbase support will lead the way through the procedure and may instruct you to follow some verification steps.
  • Coinbase might ask for additional information to ascertain the identity to confirm the security of the account cancellation.
  • Once Coinbase support confirms your request, they will initiate the account closure process. This may take some time, depending on their support volume.
  • You will receive a confirmation email that the account has been canceled successfully.
  • As you obtain the confirmation, you need to head to the website once again. Tap on the Signup tab to register for a new account.
  • Provide the essential information for the new account at Coinbase, including the name, email ID, contact number, and password.
  • Coinbase may mandate identity proof for the new account. Follow the instructions and furnish the requested documents.
  • In order to protect the account, enable 2FA and add up an extra layer of security to the new account.
  • Once the new account is set up and ascertained, you can start trading and utilizing the platform as usual.


Remember to exercise caution when trading with cryptocurrencies and ensure you have a security backup of the wallet information and recovery phrases. Because once you cancel the subscription all the information stored will be removed and it’s reversible.

Any issue with an account get in contact with Coinbase headquarters customer support to seek assistance.

This guide is just for educational purposes and is not connected to any trading site for advertisements.

How To Reset 2fa On Binance,

How to reset 2FA on Binance?

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a crucial safety feature that adds a layer of protection to the Binance cryptocurrency exchange account. However, situations might occur when you feel the need to reset 2FA settings.

In this guide, we are offering a helping hand for users to wish to reset the Two Factor Authentication. 

What are the reasons to reset 2FA

You may not be aware when the need arises to reset 2FA. So, here are a few of the reasons:-

  • Lost or Stolen Device: If the appliance that you utilized for the 2FA is lost, stolen, or no longer available, you should reset 2FA to deter unauthorized access to the Binance account.
  • New Phone: You bought a new device and wish to have account access to the new device, need to reset the 2FA.
  • Change in Authentication Mode: If you initially set up 2FA utilizing Google Authenticator and urge to change to a different authentication method, you may be required to reset the 2FA to configure to the new mode.
  • Forgot the 2FA Credentials: If in case you forget the 2FA credentials, like recovery codes, or input an incorrect verification code, essential to access the account, a reset might be the only manner to regain the account access.
  • Safety Concerns: If you suspect that the 2FA codes are hacked and someone has access to the Binance account, resetting 2FA is a cautious step to enrich security.
  • Recovery After Account Lockout: Occasionally, Binance might lock the account due to security concerns or any other reasons. In such cases, resetting 2FA might be an aspect of the account recovery procedure.

How do I reset my 2FA on Binance?

Before we move further with the steps involved in resetting 2FA, check that you can access the account, email and the gadget initially utilized for 2FA.

Following are the instructions that you are required to go through in order to change Two Factor Authentication at Binance:

  1. Log into the Binance Account

    First, open the preferred web browser and click to enter the Binance website or navigate through the app. Tap on the login tab using the User ID and Password.

  2. Click on Security Settings

    After logging in successfully, hover the mouse over the profile tab icon in the upper-right corner of the screen. Pick Security from the dropdown list.

  3. Disable 2FA

    Next, move to the section “Two-factor Authentication”, you can see the existing 2FA settings. Just tap on the “Disable” tab.

  4. Confirm the resetting of 2FA

    Binance will initiate you to confirm the 2FA reset. In order to proceed, you will be required to provide the verification code sent to the Email ID registered. After that tap on the “Submit” tab.

  5. Resetting 2FA

    1. Once you have confirmed the reset, you will be directed through setting up 2FA one more time. Binance offers two options: SMS Authentication or Google Authenticator. Decide on to select the one that suits you best.

    SMS Authentication:-
    A. If you pick SMS Authentication, mention the phone number and the verification code will be sent to the device. 
    B. Next, enter the verification code. Thus, SMS Authentication will be established.

    Google Authenticator:-
    A. If you select Google Authenticator, you will have to launch the Google Authenticator app on the mobile gadget if you have not yet.
    B. Click the app to open and scan the QR code shown on the Binance screen.
    C. Enter the verification code of 6 digits induced by the app to finalize the setup.

  6. Backup the Recovery Key

    After initiating 2FA, Binance will provide you with a recovery code. This code is important for recovering access to the account in case you lose the device or face authentication problems or 2FA not working. Ensure to store the code in a secure place.

  7. Check the New 2FA

    In order to ensure everything is working correctly, log out of the Binance account and again log in again. You should be prompted to enter the fresh TwoFactor Authentication code.

Wrapping Up:

You have now reset the 2FA on Binance successfully. The account is secured with an updated two-factor authentication method, delivering you enhanced protection while trading and managing the crypto coins. Keep in mind to secure the recovery code. If in case the system is not sending SMS or 2FA resetting is not working do not hang back to reach out to Binance help for assistance.

How to check transaction history Binance,

How to check transaction history Binance

If you are trading on Binance then you need to keep an eye on all your transactions whether deposit or withdrawal. These checks will lead you to be aware of the gains or losses based on numerous factors.

In order to help you out, we have written this article so that you can look for the transaction history. Once you figure out the transactions, this will give a possibility to consider and ascertain their previous trades.

How to view Binance Transaction History

The procedure facilitates users to view additional transactions comprising Binance fees to obtain a thorough crypto report.

The steps that you are required to follow to get a view of the transaction history:-

  1. Sign in to the Account

    To begin, visit the Binance webpage at and log in to the account using the account details.

  2. Access the Account Dashboard

    Here you get a view of account assets, trading pairs, and other relevant data. Click on the Wallet option as you enter the page.

  3. Pick “Fiat and Spot” or “Futures” Wallet

    Binance shows various wallets for spot trading and futures trading. It relies on the selected transaction mode, pick the “Fiat and Spot” or “Futures” wallet, which conforms to the transactions you like to check.

  4. View the Transaction History

    Binance shows the recent 30 transactions, but you can modify the time frame to suit your requirements. Find the “Trade History” or “Transaction History” option, and then tap anyone to check for the information in a detailed manner.

  5. Customize the Transactions History

    In the Transaction History section, you can customize the view by using filters to constrict down the results. 

    👉Trading Pairs: View only transactions to specific assets.
    👉Transaction Type: Pick from the list deposit, withdrawal, trade, referral, or bonus transactions.
    👉Start and End Date: Set a range of date ranges and view transactions of a specific period.
    👉Export History: Binance authorizes you to export the transaction history in CSV layout for storing records and tax purposes.

  6. Export the Transaction History

    If you are required to preserve a record of the transaction history for tax purposes or other documentation, Binance lets you export the transaction database. Click on the “Export” or “Download” tab, generally in CSV form, and save the file to the PC.

Check Transaction History On The Binance Mobile App

For mobile users, they need to follow the below instructions to check transaction history on the Binance App:

  1. Tap the Binance app.
  2. Next, click on Funds.
  3. After that select the History option.
  4. Now, check the transactions through the old transactions.

How to see Binance’s Deposits and Withdrawal history 

In order to check the deposit and withdrawal history go through the following steps:-

  1. Click on and tap the Login tab.
  2. Navigate to the Wallet option to access wallet info.
  3. Pick Fiat and Spot under the Wallet Section.
  4. Tap on either Transaction History or Recent Transactions or View All option. 
  5. Filter the history where you see a list of transactions. By clicking on the filter you can pick any specific deposit or withdrawal. Options like Time, Type, Asset, Status, and Transaction ID. These options will help you customize your search. 
  6. Review the changes made.
  7. Now, export the history of deposit or withdrawal and this automatically downloads the statement.

History of Binance Fiat Deposit

Click on the Fiat option instead of Crypto in the History section. The process is similar to Crypto transaction history.

How can I see Binance’s Trade History?

To take a look at the transactions of trade and be updated with the information, just follow the teachings described below:-

  • Click Binance and tap the Orders option.
  • You can click Orders History or opt to click on Trade History.
  • Choose the Trading Pair.
  • Binance also permits to filter the trade history by date.
  • View the Trade history and export trade history if you want to keep a record of it.

Binance permits users to view the transaction up to 12 months in one click whether deposit or trade history.

Why is my Transaction History of Binance not showing

If you are not able to load the transaction history, there might be different reasons.

  • Binance is under maintenance
  • Binance is in congestion
  • You can view statements only six times per month

Still, you cannot see the history, you can contact the customer support and request them for assistance.


Binance lets you inspect the transaction history but you cannot delete them as there is no such option available. This will help you to keep notified about the financial actions on the platform. Regular review of transactions is important for tracking the investments, managing the portfolio, and meeting reporting prerequisites. Conclusion:

Checking your transaction history on Binance is a straightforward process that ensures you stay informed about your financial activities on the platform. Regularly reviewing your transactions is essential for tracking your investments, managing your portfolio, and meeting reporting requirements. By following these steps, you can easily access and manage your transaction history on Binance.

How to buy Pepe on Binance,

How to buy Pepe on Binance?

If you wish to make investments in Pepe crypto coins and wondering how you can obtain it on Binance then you just clicked on the right platform.

Binance is one of the considerable and most reputed crypto coins traded over the globe, making it a prevalent option for trading digital marketing assets.  Here, we will be talking on the steps to buy Pepe on Binance.

Before proceeding with how to buy Pepe let’s first check, Is Pepe coin listed on Binance?

“Pepe” may refer to different things, and it’s not a distinct cryptocurrency or token detailed on Binance. Pepe is considered a meme coin built on the Pepe the Frog legacy. Users can trade digital like digital art and rare memes valuing the assest digitally. It’s also recognized by $PEPE. 

Pepe was listed under Binance which was the past but today, Binance has proclaimed to add Pepe Coin to Exchange.

Please note that the cryptocurrency Ttrade is highly active, and new tokens are constantly being introduced while others might become outdated. Visit the website to get updated info in real-time.

How can I buy Pepe on Binance US

i) Creating a Binance Account

New to the account you can click the sign up button. Go to the webpage or use the app version. Click Register and follow the instructions displayed on the screen. In order to secure the account choose the 2FA method to safeguard the account.

ii) Complete Verification

While not compulsory for all users, finishing off the identity confirmation process on Binance can improve the account’s protection and facilitate you to access higher limits for withdrawal. In order to verify the identity, observe Binance’s instructions and provide the documents as per the requirements. 

iii) Deposit Funds

To purchase Pepe on Binance, you will be required to deposit funds into the Binance account. Tap on the “Wallet” and pick the “Fiat and Spot” option. Select the currency you wish to deposit such as EUR, or USD, and then choose the preferred deposit method either credit card or bank transfer.

iv) Place an Order

Once the funds are deposited, you are ready to buy Pepe. 

  • Go to the Binance trading platform by tapping on “Trade”. 
  • Discover the Pepe trading pair. It’s usually indicated as “PEPE/USDT” or “PEPE/BTC,” depending on the trading pair you select.
  • Assign the trading pair, and you will be directed to the trading screen.

v) Select the Order Type

Market Order: This sort of order will be enforced immediately at the recent market price. Merely enter the Pepe amount that you wish to purchase and tap on the “Buy PEPE” option.

Limit Order: With a limit order, you can stipulate the cost at which you ought to acknowledge Pepe. Enter the price and the amount for purchase, then tap on “Buy PEPE” when the market reaches the chosen price.

vi) Review and Confirm

Before finalizing the order, check twice the details you provided, including the amount and expense. Once you are delighted, select the “Confirm” option and place the order.

vi) Monitor the Order

You need to track the status of the order in the “Order” tab on the trading display. When the order is executed, you will notice the Pepe tokens in the Binance wallet.

vii) Securely Store the Pepe

For added safety, consider transmitting the Pepe tokens to a private wallet, such as a hardware wallet, for long-term storage.


Buying Pepe on Binance is a simple process. By pursuing these steps and conducting the research, you can invest in Pepe and other cryptocurrencies with enthusiasm. Remember that the cryptocurrency market can be volatile, so it’s important to keep educated and make informed acquisition decisions while