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How to Verify A Coinbase Account?

What is the need to verify the Coinbase Account? All users must verify their identity through a multi-step process to help prevent the creation of fraudulent accounts. Here the process entails answering regulatory questions and uploading a picture of a valid ID as well as a selfie.

Reasons to verify your Coinbase Account:-

  • Registering into a new account
  • Reactivation of the account
  • In order to update the legal name or country of residence

How to verify identity on Coinbase Account

Ascertaining the Coinbase account is an important step to unlock higher limits for transactions and enhance safety. 

Follow the steps to substantiate the Coinbase account:-

  1. Creating an account:

    If you are new to a Coinbase account, begin by signing up on the web page or the mobile app. Provide valid personal data during the registration procedure.

  2. Login:

    Log in to the Coinbase account utilizing the Email ID and Password.

  3. Complete Personal Details:

    Navigate to the account settings. You will be prompted to hand over personal details like full name, birth date, and residential address. Make sure the data matches the official documents.

  4. Verify Phone Number:

    Coinbase might ask you to verify the contact number. They will mail you a verification code through SMS. Enter the code to ascertain the phone number.

  5. Upload Identification:

    To achieve higher account statuses, you will have to upload a valid ID approved by the government. This could be a passport, driver’s license, or identity card. Coinbase will tutor you through the procedure of uploading and verifying the documents.

  6. Selfie Verification:

    In some circumstances, Coinbase might inquire for a selfie to confirm the identity. You need to take a clear photo of yourself holding the ID card next to your face. Ensure that the face and the ID facts are visible.

  7. Address Verification:

    In order to validate your identity on Coinbase you need to provide proof of address. Also, provide documents like utility bills or bank statements that exhibit the name and residential address.

  8. Wait for the Confirmation:

    Coinbase’s verification process might take from a few minutes to several days, depending on the workload. So be patient and wait for them to examine the documents.

  9. Check the Account Level:

    Once ascertained, Coinbase will allocate an account level to you. This increases the buying and withdrawal limits.

  10. Two-Factor Authentication:

    To enhance account safety, you need to enable two-factor authentication utilizing an authenticator app or message. Coinbase strongly suggests this step.

  11. Bank Account Verification:

    Link the bank account for deposits and withdrawals, Coinbase instructs you to verify it. This usually implicates confirming tiny deposits made to the bank account.

  12. Coinbase Verify Identity Email Address:

    Ensure that the email address is verified. Coinbase will mail important account information and updates to the registered email address.

  13. Secure the Account:

    Set a unique password and regularly update it. Be careful of phishing endeavors and never share the login info or recovery terms.

  14. Use Coinbase Carefully:

    Now that the account is verified, you can initiate buying, selling, and trading crypto coins. Make sure to employ Coinbase’s safety features and adhere to the best methods for safe cryptocurrency surveillance.

How long does it take for Coinbase to Verify ID?

  • On submitting the government-approved documents you might receive a response within a few minutes over an email.
  • The processing time might vary depending on several factors, incorporating the magnitude of new users and the precision of the information provided during the verification process. 
  • During times of high market or improved user sign-ups, verification might take longer due to a backlog of requests. This implies it might take several days to a week or more to get ascertained during peak periods.

Once the ID is successfully substantiated, you will receive a message over email, and you will be able to access the full range of services delivered by Coinbase, including buying, selling, and trading cryptocurrencies.

Coinbase asking to Verify Identity again

If you have obtained a request from Coinbase to confirm the identity once again, it’s important to follow through promptly to maintain access to the account and continue using the services.

Coinbase may ask for re-verification for several reasons, including security criteria, changes in laws, or updates to the internal approaches.

You need to stay updated by monitoring the Email and also follow the further instructions asked by Coinbase so that you do not face problems while using the account.

Remember that Coinbase’s verification provisions and processes may evolve, so it’s important to check the official website or contact support for the most updated information regarding account verification.

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