Binance Headquarters Office

Binance is one of the enormous and renowned cryptocurrency exchanges over the globe. It furnishes a vast span of courtesies for purchasing, selling, and trading digital assets. If you experience any issues or have any queries considering the Binance account or trades, you have got to contact customer service.

Binance is mainly an online outlet, but they have a headquarters where the support team serves.

How to contact Binance Headquarters Customer Service?

Here’s a handbook on how one can contact Binance headquarters customer service:-

In order to get in touch with Binance headquarters support service, follow these simple and easy steps:

  1. Visit the webpage of Binance:

    Your starting point will be by going to the official Binance website at

  2. Sign in to the Binance account:

    Secondly, in case you already have a Binance account, sign in using the Email ID and Password. But if so you don’t have an account, just register yourself and create one to access customer support.

  3. Navigate to the Support Center:

    As you log in, now, tap the link “Support” or “Support Center”. You can usually find this option as you enter the homepage.

  4. Pick one of the categories:

    In the Support Center, you will find an inventory of distinct categories affiliated with Binance’s services and attributes. Pick the option that fits with your inquiry and these categories contain “Security”, “Trading”, “Deposits & Withdrawals”, and “Account”.

  5. Browse for the articles:

    Binance provides a comprehensive database with articles dealing with common queries and issues. Before contacting customer service, make sure to search for the relevant information. You might find a solution to the problem without needing to contact support directly.

  6. Contact Binance customer service:

    If you couldn’t find any answer to the query in the database, you can reach out to Binance customer service. 

    Scroll to the option “Support Center ” and select the “Submit a Request” tab or “Contact Us” option. This will unlock a form where you ought to deliver details about the issue or question that you are facing.

  7. Fill out the form:

    In the contact form, mention the name, email ID, and a brief explanation of the inquiry. Be as detailed as probable to facilitate the customer service team to apprehend the issue.

  8. Submit the request:

    Once you have incorporated all the crucial details in the form, check once again so that you are sure about the information you provided, and then click on Submit. Binance’s customer service team will examine the inquiry and answer back to you through email.

There are numerous options to reach customer support:

  • Binance Customer Service US Phone Number: -929-228-3440
  • Binance Support over Twitter by tweeting @BinanceHelpDesk.
  • Customers can contact Binance using Reddit. US users need to utilize the subreddit r/BinanceUS and click the Binance Support Thread.

It’s important to note that Binance predominantly delivers customer support through the online portal, such as email. While they do have a headquarters, they may not propose direct phone support or walk-in visits for the public in order to assist with customer inquiries. However, the customer team is typically responsive and aims to deal with user issues in a timely manner.

Remember to stick around while awaiting a reply. Depending on the volume of questioning, it may take some time for Binance to address your concern. If you have not yet received a response within a reasonable period, you can consider submitting a follow-up request or reaching out to the official social media channels for additional assistance.

Please note that the contact process described above is based on the information available. It’s recommended to visit the official Binance website for the most up-to-date and accurate contact information for customer service.


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