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How to add BSC or Binance SmartChain to MetaMask

MetaMask is a prevalent Ethereum wallet and decentralized application browser attachment. However, did you know that you can utilize it to interact with other networks of blockchain, such as Binance Smart Chain or BSC?

Connecting BSC to the Metamask wallet can unlock a world of chances for accessing DeFi schemes, trading, and much more.

In this guide, we will stroll you through the ways to add the Binance Smart Chain to the Metamask wallet.

How can I connect or link the MetaMask to the Binance Smart Chain?

Adding the BSC to MetaMask is simple and easy to follow and the steps below will help you to add BSC to MetaMask:

  1. Installation of MetaMask:

    In the first place, if you have not yet installed MetaMask, download using a mobile app or an extension browser. Once installed, launch the MetaMask wallet initiating a new account.

  2. Access Settings:

    Click on the Metamask wallet to open and you will see the profile avatar of the account. Next, tap on Settings.

  3. Select the Network:

    In the settings menu, you will discover several options. Tap on the “Settings” option and then choose the “Networks” tab. This is the point where you can include BSC.

  4. Add Binance Smart Chain (BSC):

    In order to add the Binance Smart Chain, scroll down to the Networks list and tap on the “Add Network” tab.

    Here, you will be asked to provide some data to configure BSC:-

    Network Name – BSC

    New RPC URL – Input the BSC RPC URL, which is “” for the mainnet or “” for the testnet (BSC Testnet).

    ChainID – For the mainnet, use “56” and for the testnet, utilize “97.”

    Symbol – Enter “BNB” for the mainnet and “tBNB” for the testnet.

    Block Explorer URL – enter “” for both mainnet and testnet.

  5. Save and Transfer:

    As you enter the information as asked tap on the “Save” option. You have successfully put the Binance Smart Chain into the MetaMask wallet. 

    In order to switch between Ethereum and BSC, simply tap on the account avatar and pick the network you want to utilize.

  6. Binance Smart Chain

    Now that you have Binance Smart Chain connected to the MetaMask wallet, you can begin analyzing DeFi projects, trading BNB, and having a part in the BSC ecosystem. Make sure to transfer some BNB to the BSC wallet address to get initiated.

Fund the MetaMask Wallet: Once you have completed adding Binance Network to MetaMask, now it’s time to add up some funds with BNB tokens.

  • Copy the wallet address of BNB 
  • Then Login to the account and paste the address to Withdrawal Address space provided.
  • Input BSC (BEP20) to the Network field.
  • Make sure to add tokens manually in order to appear in Assets category.

Wrapping Up:

Transferring Binance Smart Chain to MetaMask is a simple process that augments the options in the world of DeFi and blockchain. With this layout, you can seamlessly switch between Ethereum and BSC networks, making it manageable to immerse with various blockchain-based applications and assets.

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