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How to Close or Delete a Coinbase Account

How can one delete the Coinbase Account? Hope we strike the right question for you. Here on this page, we will be discussing how to close a Coinbase account permanently.

Sometimes you expect a change and want to utilize other apps for trading. In that case, you choose to delete the account, erasing the personal details you provided while building the account.

While deciding to discontinue the account you might not understand how to proceed with the procedure. Is it possible or not to close the account, such inquiries are quite ordinary for the account users.

How can I delete my Coinbase account?

Closing or Deleting a Coinbase account is a simple process, but it’s important to be thorough and observe these steps carefully. Before you proceed to close the account take a look at the following points.

Now just look at the steps discussed below to close the account of Coinbase:-

  1. Login to the Coinbase Account:

    Go to the webpage or tap on the app that is already installed on your device. Then enter the credentials to access the account.

  2. Access Account Settings:

    Next, click the Account Settings by tapping the Profile tab.

  3. Select “Close Account”:

    Within the account settings, search “Close Account” or “Deactivate Account” option and tap on it.

  4. Verify Identity:

    Coinbase may call for further verification to assure account security. This could implicate confirming the identity through 2FA, email, or any other means.

  5. Follow Instructions:

    Go through the instructions on-screen provided by Coinbase. They may inquire for an explanation for closing the account.

  6. Confirm Closure:

    After finalizing the essential steps, Coinbase will ask you to confirm the decision to close the account.

  7. Account Closure Confirmation:

    Once confirmed, Coinbase will prompt the account closure procedure. You will get a confirmation email that the account is closed.

  8. Review the Email:

    Check the email inbox for a confirmation memo from Coinbase. This email will serve as proof that the account has been closed.

Note: Coinbase may possess certain information for lawful or regulatory objectives even after you close the account.

Deleting a Coinbase Account is permanent and cannot be reversed. Once the Coinbase account is deleted, you won’t be able to access the transaction history, account info, or any assets left in the account. Make sure you have securely jotted down all essential information before closing the account.

Coinbase Closed my Account

There might be reasons that led to Coinbase Account Closure:-

  • Coinbase, like all financial institutions, has a set of rules that users must cling to. Common infringements include committing illegal activities, violating sanctions or regulatory provisions, or employing Coinbase for fraudulent intentions. Such violations can lead to the closure of the account.
  • Coinbase operates advanced security criteria to detect suspicious activity on its outlet. If the account is flagged for unusual transactions or conduct, it may be temporarily or permanently closed until the issue is investigated.
  • Coinbase is subject to different financial laws, including KYC and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) prerequisites. If you fail to provide the necessary details required for identity verification or provide false information, the account might be closed.
  • In some cases, Coinbase may close accounts due to security concerns. 
  • Users can request to close the accounts at any time. Coinbase will generally promote the closure procedure, allowing you to withdraw the remaining funds.

In case your account is closed without your knowledge you can do the following:-


If you do not want to delete the Coinbase account you can choose the Disable option. Contact customer service to disable the account. If found with pessimistic activity you can take assistance from the support team. You can afterwards reactivate the account as disabling the account is not permanent.

Remember that closing the Coinbase account is a permanent decision, and you won’t be able to reopen it or recover any assets left in the account. Ensure you have deemed this carefully before proceeding. If you ever agree to rejoin Coinbase, you will be required to create a fresh account.

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