How to check transaction history Binance,

How to check transaction history Binance

If you are trading on Binance then you need to keep an eye on all your transactions whether deposit or withdrawal. These checks will lead you to be aware of the gains or losses based on numerous factors.

In order to help you out, we have written this article so that you can look for the transaction history. Once you figure out the transactions, this will give a possibility to consider and ascertain their previous trades.

How to view Binance Transaction History

The procedure facilitates users to view additional transactions comprising Binance fees to obtain a thorough crypto report.

The steps that you are required to follow to get a view of the transaction history:-

  1. Sign in to the Account

    To begin, visit the Binance webpage at and log in to the account using the account details.

  2. Access the Account Dashboard

    Here you get a view of account assets, trading pairs, and other relevant data. Click on the Wallet option as you enter the page.

  3. Pick “Fiat and Spot” or “Futures” Wallet

    Binance shows various wallets for spot trading and futures trading. It relies on the selected transaction mode, pick the “Fiat and Spot” or “Futures” wallet, which conforms to the transactions you like to check.

  4. View the Transaction History

    Binance shows the recent 30 transactions, but you can modify the time frame to suit your requirements. Find the “Trade History” or “Transaction History” option, and then tap anyone to check for the information in a detailed manner.

  5. Customize the Transactions History

    In the Transaction History section, you can customize the view by using filters to constrict down the results. 

    👉Trading Pairs: View only transactions to specific assets.
    👉Transaction Type: Pick from the list deposit, withdrawal, trade, referral, or bonus transactions.
    👉Start and End Date: Set a range of date ranges and view transactions of a specific period.
    👉Export History: Binance authorizes you to export the transaction history in CSV layout for storing records and tax purposes.

  6. Export the Transaction History

    If you are required to preserve a record of the transaction history for tax purposes or other documentation, Binance lets you export the transaction database. Click on the “Export” or “Download” tab, generally in CSV form, and save the file to the PC.

Check Transaction History On The Binance Mobile App

For mobile users, they need to follow the below instructions to check transaction history on the Binance App:

  1. Tap the Binance app.
  2. Next, click on Funds.
  3. After that select the History option.
  4. Now, check the transactions through the old transactions.

How to see Binance’s Deposits and Withdrawal history 

In order to check the deposit and withdrawal history go through the following steps:-

  1. Click on and tap the Login tab.
  2. Navigate to the Wallet option to access wallet info.
  3. Pick Fiat and Spot under the Wallet Section.
  4. Tap on either Transaction History or Recent Transactions or View All option. 
  5. Filter the history where you see a list of transactions. By clicking on the filter you can pick any specific deposit or withdrawal. Options like Time, Type, Asset, Status, and Transaction ID. These options will help you customize your search. 
  6. Review the changes made.
  7. Now, export the history of deposit or withdrawal and this automatically downloads the statement.

History of Binance Fiat Deposit

Click on the Fiat option instead of Crypto in the History section. The process is similar to Crypto transaction history.

How can I see Binance’s Trade History?

To take a look at the transactions of trade and be updated with the information, just follow the teachings described below:-

  • Click Binance and tap the Orders option.
  • You can click Orders History or opt to click on Trade History.
  • Choose the Trading Pair.
  • Binance also permits to filter the trade history by date.
  • View the Trade history and export trade history if you want to keep a record of it.

Binance permits users to view the transaction up to 12 months in one click whether deposit or trade history.

Why is my Transaction History of Binance not showing

If you are not able to load the transaction history, there might be different reasons.

  • Binance is under maintenance
  • Binance is in congestion
  • You can view statements only six times per month

Still, you cannot see the history, you can contact the customer support and request them for assistance.


Binance lets you inspect the transaction history but you cannot delete them as there is no such option available. This will help you to keep notified about the financial actions on the platform. Regular review of transactions is important for tracking the investments, managing the portfolio, and meeting reporting prerequisites. Conclusion:

Checking your transaction history on Binance is a straightforward process that ensures you stay informed about your financial activities on the platform. Regularly reviewing your transactions is essential for tracking your investments, managing your portfolio, and meeting reporting requirements. By following these steps, you can easily access and manage your transaction history on Binance.

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